Focus on ALIVE 1.0

Two facets:

To discover Pedagogy project and Research project purposes

Demo ALIVE bot 1.0 in a maze

Our mission

We hope that our project can be used by other researchers to test their artificial intelligence in the real world instead of keeping it in a simulation.

ALIVE 1.0 Team

Our mission is to provide an approachable platform for researchers to evaluate their algorithms’ proficiency in the real world and to initiate younger ones to programming by simplifying its learning process. We also aim to make robotics and AI more attractive to uninitiated students.

This has been done in an effort to make ALIVE versatile, low cost and work in any environment.

I. ALIVE Pedagogy project (Web site :

The project aims to provide a method and practice of teaching programming to simplify the theoretical concept of programming.

  • We are developing an educational project for elementary and high school students in order to interest them in programming.
  • It would be a block programming interface and simplified code with which students will be able to control a miniature vehicle equipped with different sensors, camera, tools and systems.
  • This activity will offer a progression in their learning through interactive challenges that will encourage them to develop a curiosity about the basics of programming.
  • We will assess the concentration of students and make interaction with EEG-Electroencephalography.

II. ALIVE Research project

The project proposes an Autonomous Learning Intelligent Vehicles Engineering, called ALIVE 1.0 to let each vehicle have additional information about its surroundings in order to get an extended perception of its environment.

  • ALIVE car sensors will gather in real-time the required data concerning the vehicles environment which are fused into a learning algorithm predicting the vehicle’s response.
  • We tested our algorithm through different mazes to evaluate its efficiency to avoid obstacles without taking into account the way the obstacles are on his path.
  • This has been done in an effort to make ALIVE 1.0 versatile, low-cost and work in any environment.
  • Preliminary results demonstrated the effectiveness of ALIVE-Bot 1.0 in terms of obstacle avoidance and minimizes delay.

III. ALIVE development KIT

Acquiring ALIVE Hardware:

Under construction ….Coming soon