Our mission

Since the beginning, our work has always been about using our software engineering skills to combat a problem we deem crucial to our generation.” -Thomas

We thought it would be interesting to show people how tech and AI can solve nowadays problems and encourage students to have an impact on these problematics” – Amasten

IFMAP, the mobile application

We realized that the true problem of food waste is not that people do not care, but that they feel helpless and don’t have the tools to appropriately combat the problem.

With all that goes on in our minds, the quality of our food sometimes falls in the back of our minds. The goal of IFMAP is to bring that subject back at the forefront of your attention everyday and to guide you into meaningful actions to save your wallet and the planet.

IFMAP is a novel and motivating tool that will help you to keep your objectives in focus and to achieve them everyday!

IFMAP is the ultimate assistant to your fight against food waste. Our application puts at your disposal multiple smart tools based on novel artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to advise you how you can make an impact in our world. Our fridge manager will also help you track all of you food and will even suggest you recipes that match what you already have to avoid wasting what you wouldn’t eat when it doesn’t look appetizing. 

The masterpiece of IFMAP is a smart lens capable of identifying different food and evaluating their maturity, helping you to plan when is the best time to eat them.

IFMAP, the research project

The research project where IFMAP comes from started in September of 2019. After multiple iterations on earlier projects aiming at the reduction of food waste in warehouses, we decided to follow the path of image classification using novel technologies in artificial intelligence.

We created convolutional neural networks (CNN): artificial intelligence capable of learning to recognize objects. This artificial intelligence was trained to recognize different fruits and to evaluate their maturity level. This AI, coupled with a modern mobile application and a rigid server form the IFMAP platform.

The IFMAP project has been presented at the ISNCC2020 conference and was published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library

Our contributions

After creating a prototype for the application and writing our scientific article, we unveiled it at the CICan on the Hill 2020 event, an event where collegial researchers from around the country presented their research to federal deputies. We had the opportunity to explain our worries about the food waste problem and to show them our solution: IFMAP.

We also discussed with many high-school students to explain to them what collegial research at LRIMa could bring them in terms of academic and personal experiences. We went to see them during events such as a career day at Jean-Eudes school in Montreal and during Maisonneuve’s open-house.